Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Rachael Ray Show

In May, we got tickets to see the Rachael Ray Show. I figure we need to take advantage of all these television show tapings while we live so close. I was so happy that Kenzie and Kenzi could come along. Rachael Ray doesn't tape everyday, unlike other shows I have been to. This particular day, I think she taped three episodes.
The studio is in Chelsea and when we got there the last show had just gotten out. That show had a beach theme so all the audience members were told to wear beach clothing. They all seemed so excited as they were exiting the building and we learned they all won a five day tropical vacation. We couldn't believe it. Then, the Wendy Williams Show got out and their audience members were leaving with new state-of-the-art vacuums. It was quite the sight. We couldn't wait to see what we would leave with. 

They kept us in this holding room before we got to go into the studio. Unfortunately, we couldn't take pictures inside. See the man wearing the white shirt in the front? His name is Joe Cola and he's the show's audience coordinator. He had everyone on the floor laughing in between segments. I guess he does comedy shows in the city as well. I want to go to one. 

Rachael was all business. People started to stand and clap for her big entrance and she was quick to tell them to sit down. She had her interactive moments with the audience though and at the very end graciously thanked us all for coming. Chef Emeril Lagasse cooked with Rachael and Liza Minnelli was on the show for the first time. I was drooling as they made all this delicious food that we couldn't eat. They taped nine segments for three different shows and by the end we were a little tired of clapping. And you know what we left with? A DVD. Hard not to feel jipped when the crowd before us got an entire vacation. Kidding. But just a little. It was a good time with dear friends who I so enjoy spending time with. 
My friend Erica sent me this screen shot. She was watching TV when a commercial came on and saw us in the audience. How embarrassing. Only for you, Rach. 

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