Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Andrews Visit the City

Our dear friends, the Andrews, came to the city for a week. Thanks to weddings and work training we've been able to see them a lot in the last year, which is such a treat. They are lifelong friends to us. Scott and Dave met freshman year at BYU and were roommates after their missions. Karly and I were neighbors our sophomore year and became fast friends. Little did we know, we would be dating these best friends just a few years later. Needless to say, we were thrilled when we learned D+K were headed east for a bit. When Scott and I weren't working we were partying with this pair. 
Karly and I met up for brunch at Good Enough To Eat for some yummy home cookin' on the Upper West Side. I love that white picket fence in front. Such a contrast on a busy city street. 

Another day, Karly and I met up with Estee for lunch at Naples 45 in the MetLife Building. Then, we headed to Madison Square Park to see this Orly Genger: Red, Yellow and Blue exhibit. It's made up of miles of colored rope. We went exploring and saw the Flatiron Building, Eataly, Union Square, and Fishes Eddy. I don't think I'll ever tire of being a tourist here. 

It's not uncommon to see young children holding their own during a chess game in Union Square. 
Doughnut Plant is a guilty pleasure of mine. We soon learned that National Doughnut Day was later that week. Can't blow doughnut day. 

I die over these pillows. Perfect. 

We hit up the High Line and did a little browsing in Chelsea Market. It was a lovely day with my sweet Karly. She is such a ray of sunshine. 
Date night. Scotty was a seventh wheel while I worked. 
On the weekend, we rented bikes and rode the entire loop of Central Park. Between those hills and my broken bike, it was quite the sight. Afterwards, we ate at one of our favorite restaurants in the city, Empanada Mama. It's a hole in the wall and probably seats 20 people on a good day. Scott's brother, Austin, discovered this place while he was living here almost five years ago. It's a Maddux family fav. I could eat their cubano arepa any day. 

 Thanks for taking the time on your fun trip to see us, Dave and Karly. Love you long time.  


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  1. This post makes me happy and hurts my heart all at the same time. One of these days we'll make our way out there! Hopefully it's while the all four of our NY faves are still out there!


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