Wednesday, July 31, 2013


I'd been eyeing Smorgasburg, the Brooklyn Flea Food Market, for months. It's hands down one of my favorite things we've done in the city. Let's be honest, all that good food in one place is destined to speak to my heifer heart. Almost 100 News York City food vendors gather on the Williamsburg waterfront on Saturdays and in Brooklyn Bridge Park on Sundays to showcase their goods. They are opened every weekend. Rain or shine. 

This company + this view = a successful Saturday in our books.

Dough. Enough said. Those doughnuts were fluffy and flavorful. This had to be one of the longest lines we waited in all day. The hibiscus doughnut was worth the wait. 

We tried Vermont Maple Lemonade, Mighty Quinn's, and Brooklyn Piggies. All were delicious and left us wanting more. 

And don't forget BeeHive Oven's biscuits and The Good Bakery's ice cream sandwiches. That's an embarrassing amount of food. Like whoa.

We took the East River Ferry back to Manhattan. My oh my, that skyline gets me every time.

Scott and I ran some errands later that day, got the famous reflexology foot massages in Chinatown, and had dinner in West Village with friends. Love this place, love these people, loved this day. Summer, please stay. 


  1. We love Brooklyn! Mighty Quinn was OUR FAVORITE and I wish we had it here. PS. a famous west coast joint is opening in your neck of the woods-Umami Burger! Check it out.

  2. Oh Kylee, I just love your blog! I am so glad to see updates! All that food sounds heavenly! YUM!

  3. Well great, now I'm hungry for delicious New York exclusive foods that I won't be having any time in the near future. I hope you're happy... ;)


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