Saturday, September 28, 2013

Bermuda: Part One

Scott had the whole month of July off before he started his new job. I was able to take time off as well and we decided to make the most it. Because by golly, who knows if we will ever have an opportunity to travel like that again! So we spent a week in Bermuda, a week with Scott's family, and a week with my family. It was glorious. 

We didn't decide to travel to Bermuda until May, so it was somewhat of a last minute trip. We were shocked to learn that the flight from JFK to Bermuda is less than two hours and the island is about 600 miles off the Carolina Coast. We had no idea it was this close! So, we found cheap flights on JetBlue and booked that thing! And after two years of Scott's banking hours, we figured we were justified. In my book, every banker needs a trip like this one after two years. 

The night before our 7 AM flight, we didn't sleep one bit. We had to clean our apartment for subletters, pack a month's worth of clothing, and deal with the crisis of a lost passport. Scott couldn't find his passport for hours and tore apart our place trying to locate the dang thing. He loses things often - I've tried telling him to go through a mental checklist every time he leaves work or home - but I think it's a lost cause. But then you know what he does? He says a quick little prayer and the man ALWAYS finds his lost item. ALWAYS. To the point where it gets a little annoying. So, when he was stressing over this little predicament, I wasn't too worried because of his good track record. I secretly kind of hoped he would sweat it out a bit and maybe learn something?! I'm so mean, I know. Just hours before we needed to leave, I came home to a messy apartment and a distraught Scott Maddux. He said he was going to run into his old office and see if he left it there. But then he said, "Wait, I haven't checked your purse yet." And then it hit me. This purse had been hanging on our coat rack unused for a few weeks. The last time I had used it, we met up for a date and Scott asked me to hold on to his passport while we were out and about. He needed it for some work documents that day and then was going to bring it home that night. Both of us forgot about it. But there it was. Right where we left it. He started bursting out laughing and I immediately felt guilty for not remembering and for wanting him to sweat it out. Karma at its finest. Thankfully, we made our flight and landed in beautiful Bermuda on a Sunday morning. 

We arrived at our hotel a few hours before we could check in. Poor planning on our part. And at this point, we were so exhausted after not sleeping the for over 24 hours that all we wanted to do was crash. So we found a hotel couch in one of the lobbies and slept for a few hours. Classy. Later, we were able to get into our room, get settled, and sleep for like 12 hours straight. That is a vacation started right. 

The view from our hotel room. We stayed at the Fairmont Southampton for the first five days and loved every second of it. It's extremely family friendly and has all kinds of events and activities for everyone no matter the age. I mean, I don't think we left the resort for the first 72 hours. 

They have these trolley shuttles that take you to different parts of the resort. We rode them every day to get to the hotel's private beach. I thought they were cute. 

I had this guy all to myself for an entire week! That was by far the best part of the trip. No work. No blackberry. No responsibility. It felt like a second honeymoon. Just having him by my side 24/7 was incredible and so very needed. Thanks for not getting sick of me, mister. 

We found our piece of paradise on our first full day at the beach. Never have I seen water so clear. That shade of turquoise is just beautiful. It was so warm and inviting. We learned that Bermuda is famous for their pink sand beaches. The sand is so soft and smooth and belongs between my toes. We set up shop under one of the umbrellas, drank pina coladas, and soaked up the sun. Scott and I were in heaven. We vowed then to never leave. 

That night, we ate at one of the hotel's restaurants called Waterlot Inn. It was delicious. That truffle mac and cheese was probably the best I've ever had. Clearly, we were counting calories. This meal ignited our nonstop, month-long gluttonous behavior. There was no looking back. Don't worry, your eyes will not be playing tricks on you in my upcoming posts. You will see our waistlines expanding at lightning speed over our month of traveling. We could not be stopped. 

The restaurant had this gorgeous patio that we visited just as the sun was going down. And that tree! It's a royal poinciana and probably the prettiest I've seen. They were all over the island and I told Scott I want one in our backyard when we own a home in like 20 years. 

Our first day was full of R&R. Just the way it should be. I'm already wishing we could rewind and do this week all over again.  

Tuesday morning we woke up early to do a yogalates class on the beach. We were the first ones there that day and it was so peaceful. Scott was a good sport and humored me. The best part was watching him participate, always one step behind. I could not stop laughing at all of his moves. He's the one showing a little skin while struggling with child's pose. Namaste. 

After the class, we grabbed breakfast and took a nap. Who knew yogalates could be so tiring? Then, we headed back down to the beach where we had saved our front row lounge chairs. The day consisted of some more naps, pina coladas, and laying out. The weather there can be pretty humid so we jumped in the ocean quite a bit. We even swam out to the rocks and did some climbing. But that was about as much physical activity as we exerted that day. After that, we decided massages at the spa were in order. 

We had an Italian dinner at another one of the hotel's restaurants and then fell asleep early. We decided one of the greatest things about vacation is not doing anything you don't want to do. Well, except for Scott and yogalates. What a guy. Our trip was off to an incredible start in one of the most bermudalful, I mean, beautiful places we've ever been.  

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