Monday, September 23, 2013

Little Moments - June

We kicked off our summer barbecues in June. Our rooftop has a grill which we really tried to take advantage of. We invited some of our dear friends over for dinner and watched the sunset. Good food, great company, and the best weather. These are summer nights I want to remember. Also, Ruby may be my favorite dinner guest of all time.

Crazy sidewalk art in Union Square. That guy had talent. 

Those summer sunsets stop me in my tracks. I snapped these pics on one of my runs through Battery Park. I love seeing the that cityscape and waterfront together. Makes for one incredible backdrop. Best of both worlds.  

June was pretty busy for me at work. We had one of the wettest summer months on record as evidenced by this picture. No one should go on live television looking like the "I Know What You Did Last Summer" serial killer. And yet, somehow, this happened. 

I did a story on a Bike MS event in Fairfield. It was such a good time and one of my favorite packages I'd done in awhile. A lot of inspiring individuals were doing some pretty neat things for loved ones and complete strangers. The people I meet on the job are by far my favorite thing about the news industry. 

The Manhattan Bridge and the Brooklyn Bridge looking as beautiful as ever. This picture really shows their proximity. They make quite the pair. 

I spent some time on the east side getting a better feel of the area and where we should look for apartments. I fell in love with these streets. 

These flower shops brighten up any New York street corner. Those peonies!!! 

Commuter problems. Squished like sardines on the subway and then somebody let one. And I was like, "No they didn't." That woman's face says it all. 

An all too common meal for me: Potbelly's soup and mini cookies. My family discovered this place while vacationing in Washington D.C. almost 10 years ago. We loved their ice cream sandwiches so much we went back almost every day of the trip. I'm always a sucker for their soups - even in the summer. 

A charming evening at Cafe Cluny in West Village with friends. 

I was able to spend an evening with some of BYU's finest. Brother Walz, his wife, Michelle, Brother Green, and Rosemary came to the city to film a documentary and work on other projects. We had dinner at Lombardi's in Little Italy and had a wonderful time catching up. These two mentors played key roles in my career choice. They're the ultimate reporter/photographer dream team. I feel so lucky to have learned from them. 

That same week, I was able to meet up with these two lovely ladies. Lydia was in town for the Gracie Awards and it was so great to hear about her big shot anchor job. Lakia made the trip to Midtown for our gathering and it's always a treat to see her.  It's hard for me to believe that two years have already passed since Lakia, Natalie, and I went to the Gracie's in Los Angeles. I love and miss all my broadcast buddies and am so proud of all the incredible things they are doing in this world.

The dog days of summer. I always think it's hilarious when passengers brings their pooches on the train. They are usually so quiet and well behaved - the dogs not the people. 

I think I squealed when I saw this happening. My summer was complete. I may have walked through it a few times. Is this not a rite of passage for a transplant New Yorker? 

I finally ran into the Kate Spade Saturday shop in West Village. A nice surprise. 

Our dear friends, Ty, Sara Jayne, and sweet Caroline, left the city for an amazing opportunity in the Bay Area. This was taken at their going away party on a friend's rooftop. I have a similar picture of all of us (minus Caroline) at our college graduation. SJ and I met during our freshman year and did the broadcast journalism program together. I really miss her sassy self and hilarious sense of humor. I think Scott secretly cried when he realized this move would mean he wouldn't get to chat with Ty on work breaks. And don't even get me going on that baby...Caroline, I miss your baby blues. 

Sunshine streaming through TriBeCa on a warm weekend night. 

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