Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Last Day of His First Job

At the end of June, Scott finished his two year analyst stint at Goldman Sachs in their investment banking division. He would be the first to say that it was an invaluable experience. He worked extremely hard to get an internship and then land a full-time job in the city. He pulled some crazy hours during those two years with a lot of long weekends and even some sleepless nights. He traveled to Cleveland, California, Nevada, Utah, and even Singapore and India for different deals. Thankfully, he had a good group of BYU guys that started with him and were a great support system. He had a tough commute to work each morning - a whopping five minute walk from our place to his chair! I already miss our dinners where we'd meet up and talk about our days. As I would walk home, I'd glance back at his office building and would see floors 30-33 lit up every time. They were the only floors with lights still on and people working away. Guess which floor Scott was on? 31. 200 West was good to him. 

Luckily, I knew what I was in for when we got married, so the schedule wasn't such a shock. This kid has always been a hard worker. When we first started dating, I remember thinking I had never met someone who spent so much time in the library. I mean, I think our first three dates were in the study cubbies. Scott says he just thought I was studious, when in reality I was stalking him. I was just shocked at how much he would get done during the day. More importantly, he always made the most of the time we did spend together. And he still does. I'm so grateful for this guy and how he inspires me to be better. Well done, Scott Maddux. Thanks for working your tail off for us. I'm so happy I get to claim you. 


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