Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Bermuda: Part Four

This is the last Bermuda post, I promise. 

This was our final full day in Bermuda. We scootered to Church and enjoyed meeting some of the Bermudian members. We learned that the island is part of the New York, NY South Mission, so missionaries who serve in Brooklyn and Staten Island could be transferred here. Talk about the best of both worlds. I thought that was so neat! 

After church, we made our way to the Bermuda Aquarium Museum & Zoo near Flatts Village. Some of our favorites were the flamingos, lemurs, tortoises, peacocks, and seals. We enjoyed learning about the animals that live on the island.  

We ate lunch near this Hamilton harbor and tried to come up with a plan about how we could live here. I told Scott I could learn how to make great pina coladas and he convinced me he would make a fabulous towel boy. So we've got that going for us.

We both wanted one last sunset on the beach. So we scootered to Southampton and felt right at home. We soaked up the last bit of sunshine, finished our books, and took a final dip in that clear, warm water. The hotel had a big barbecue dinner and bonfire on the beach that night. We ate our hearts out and then made some smores. It was the perfect ending to an incredible trip. 

This vacation was the best mix of relaxation and adventure. Just what we wanted. Bermuda may be the most beautiful place we've ever been. I still dream about the soft sand, the inviting waters, and the most vibrant colors. It is such a peaceful place. My favorite part was just being together without any other responsibilities. I feel so grateful for that time. There were so many moments during this week that I wish I could just bottle up and relive them again. Bye, Bermuda! You were so very good to us. We only hope to be lucky enough to walk on your shores again some time. 

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