Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Bermuda: Part Two

I had done almost zero research on Bermuda before we got there and neither Scott nor I had much planned when we arrived. We were so busy I just figured we'd decide what we wanted to see and do once we got there. Really, I think we both would have been thrilled to just sit in the sand and listen to the waves. But after not leaving our resort for three days, we started to feel a bit adventurous and headed out to explore. The whole island is about 20 miles long and is divided into nine different parishes. You can easily visit all in one day. Because Bermuda is a UK territory, they drive on the opposite side of the road. Because of this, tourists cannot rent cars or drive on the island, so we either rented scooters or took a cab when we needed to get around. On this day, we ended up taking a bus to the Royal Naval Dockyard on the West End. 

This is definitely a one-stop shop for tourists. We visited the Clocktower Shopping Mall, Bermuda Arts Centre, and had lunch near the water. We saw cruise ships from New York City that were docked here for a few days. I had no idea you could take a cruise ship from the the city to Bermuda! Also, we were loving all the British influence. We found that tourists primarily hailed from either the U.K. or the Eastern U.S.  It makes sense as the flight is so quick. Everyone we encountered was extremely kind. Not sure if paradise was just rubbing off on their personalities or what but those Bermudians are good people. 

We ran into this group and Scott could not stop laughing. He insisted that we document this. 

Everything on this island is colorful. The waters, the homes, even the trees. I could not get enough. 

Later that day, we made the hike from our hotel to Gibbs Hill Lighthouse. It was maybe a mile walk through this quaint little neighborhood and those views just took my breath away. 

Again with the gorgeous royal poinciana. This was someone's front yard. 

This is a huge map of the island that I wanted to remember -  it's shaped like a fishing hook.

That's our hotel off in the distance. 

These are probably my favorite pictures of the whole trip. You just really get a sense of what this island is made of - turquoise water, lush greenery, pastel colored homes with whitewashed roofs. I kept telling Scott this is how I imagine Greece would look. I couldn't take this view in long enough.

That evening, we were already itching to get back to the beach. We ordered take out and had a little picnic in the sand. We both read our books as the sun went down and the waves crashed against the shore. I couldn't help but just feel so overwhelmed by the beauty we were taking in as I sat there with Scott. This was a day I always hope to remember. 

The next day was the Fourth of July, as you can see our hotel went all out for the occasion. I was loving it. We may have been in a British territory but we still wore our red, white, and blue.  

Scott made fast friends with these guys while waiting for the trolley. I think he gave them all of our snacks for the day. 

This is how we set up shop all week. Sandy toes, drink in hand, etc. If this isn't relaxation at its finest, I don't know what is. I read this book all week and my laughter would sometimes wake Scott from his midday slumbers. I'm all about girls with big dreams so I thought it was fabulous, read it! Tina is a riot.

That same day, we visited Horseshoe Bay which is right next door to where we were staying. It's known for its pink sand beaches and is probably the prettiest place I have ever been to. We learned that Bermuda's white sand gets its pink hue from a single-celled animal called a red foraminiferan. They have red skeletons and grow on rocks. When they die their remains are mixed with other white debris like coral, and the pink hue shows up in the sand. 

That night, we had dinner at The Ocean Club, a hotel restaurant overlooking the private beach. Scott had the mahi-mahi and I had the Bermuda tuna. Again, we went crazy over the dessert. And don't they get points for presentation?! My gosh, this was one of the top five meals of my life. And that's coming from a girl who doesn't really care for seafood. I'm sure the atmosphere had something to do with it. We watched the sunset as we chatted about our life together and the next chapter ahead. This newlywed season of our lives has been busy and full of change but there's something so magical about starting our lives together. I'm a big believer in loving every stage of life and just feel incredibly blessed to have this guy by my side throughout them all. 

After dinner, we took a trolley ride to a lookout where we watched the fireworks. Sitting on that hill with Scott, overlooking the water, and watching those colors light up the sky was a moment I never want to forget. I couldn't imagine being anywhere else. This was the Fourth of July of a lifetime, sorry America!

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