Monday, November 18, 2013

Mesa Trip 2013

After weeks of being on the go, this was a welcomed sight. My childhood home. I've come to understand that home is wherever your family is rather than an exact place. And to be honest, I feel like I have homes all throughout the country from different chapters of my life. Provo, Utah, was home for four years during college and will always have a special place in my heart. As will Jackson, Mississippi, where I spent an incredible year living on my own in a place I'd never imagined I'd be. And now, New York City is where I call "home" - where the buildings are as big as the dreams of the people that fill them. 

But there is just something about coming back to your childhood home that is different than the rest. There's such a feeling of familiarity on all levels. Maybe it's the number of years that I spent within those walls. After all, my family moved here when I was nine-years-old. Connor and I spent many an afternoon playing out back having home run derbies. I spent countless hours doing homework at the kitchen table. We'd play Pickle in the front yard as a family on weekends. In high school, it was always a place where friends would gather to hang out. I had some awkward goodbyes at that front door after first dates - with Douglas waiting on the other side in the living room. This was the house that built me. Miranda Lambert was on to something, I guess. It was always a place of refuge, comfort, and safety. I hope to create a home that fosters all of those same feelings. I don't know if my parents will always be in Mesa, but I will forever be grateful for the idyllic childhood they gave me there. 

And of course, what would a hometown be without the people that make it so sweet. These were only a few that came to dinner with us at Costa Vida that night. I feel like all my favorites were there. The Fig's, Olsen's, Shreeve's, Selk's, Taylor's, Noorda's, and the Allen's. It was so wonderful to see you all and catch up. Thank you for the taking the time to see us. 

On a different day, Natalie and Matt hosted a game night at their beautiful new home. It was an Alpine Village #426 reunion + all of our husbands. Nate and Aleesha happened to be in town the same week! Talk about timing. We all lived together our junior year of college and I made some incredible memories with these girls. It was so great to see all of them - I feel like we haven't skipped a beat. It was as if we were all just watching Kate and Nat choreograph dance routines in our kitchen like it was yesterday. Also on this trip, we got to see Katelin and Josh's gorgeous new home! Those two never stop with their projects and it was so neat to see all that they've done to it. Since when are my friends old enough to be homeowners? I still can't believe how grown up we are all getting. I'm so very proud of my friends and all that they're doing in this world. Seeing my people is always a highlight of going home. 

On the final day of our Arizona trip, we made our way to Prescott to visit my grandma, whom we call Nonnie. It was nice to sneak up north where it's a few degrees cooler. I so loved catching up her. She had just returned from a trip to Spain and I so enjoy hearing all about her adventures. She is full of energy. I hope to have her sense of curiosity and adventure at her age. It was such a treat to see her. We love you, Nonnie!

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