Thursday, January 16, 2014

Little Moments - August

August was very busy for us. Scott started his new private equity job in Midtown and we were in the middle of the craziness that is NYC apartment hunting. But we did find lots of time to be outside enjoying our neighborhood with friends.

I loved the farmers markets that were set up in our hood throughout the summer.  

Party on the rooftop top of the world. I thought someone was barbecuing. This is summer to me. 

In Bristol, I covered the Westport Little League team's journey to the World Series. My 12-year-old heart was in heaven. When I was their age, I used to tape the whole tournament and learn the players' names. I was obsessed. This was a dream story for me. It's on my bucket list to see the World Series one day in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. 

Live shot set up for a story in New Canaan. 

My heart broke after covering this story in East Haven. A small plane crashed into two homes killing both passengers and two young girls who were inside the home at the time. I had never seen anything like it in person. I ached for both families involved. It was a busy, chaotic day for news media. 

Kels had a birthday, shout hooray! And she made this amazing cake to celebrate. Girl's got talent. I'll be her taste-tester any day. 

One day, I went to get my ring cleaned in the Diamond District in Midtown - which is an experience all on its own. I love all of the main attractions that people visit New York to experience. But I find it's the everyday errands that make this place so unique and special to me, however hard and inconvenient some of them may be. This city is one of a kind. 

Another farmers market - this one at 30 Rock. 

Any day that ends with my bum on that bench is a good one. 

I went to a Yankee game with my friend Kelly, but it was rain delayed for hours so we left. Catch ya next season, Yanks. 

The question facing most New Yorkers this month was what to order with their Shack Burger:
Original Frozen Crinkle-Cut Fries or the New Fresh-Cut Fries?
My vote - I'd take the new fresh-cut fries any day. I like to think of them as a mix between Inn-N-Out and Five Guys' fries. It was high time they made the change. 

I think this fountain in City Hall Park surrounded by gas lamps is beautiful. 

I was taking the shuttle from Grand Central to Times Square one day when I saw these people filming a movie on the subway. The things you see in this place. 

We were walking home from church when we saw these cute kids working their lemonade stand. They were too darling to pass up. 

August, you were pretty fantastic.  

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