Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Citi Biking the Brooklyn Bridge

During John and Tanner's visit we hopped on some Citi Bikes and made our way across the Brooklyn Bridge. It almost gave me a heart attack. The bridge was packed with people and at one point a little boy ran right in front of me and I almost hit him. I would definitely recommend WALKING the bridge at sunset over riding a bike during the busy tourist season. Anyway, I lived to tell about it and those views of the Manhattan skyline always blow my mind. 

We wanted to grab lunch at Juliana's Pizza but it was pretty busy so we went to No. 7 Sub at Brooklyn Bridge Park. They also have a shop at the Plaza Hotel Food Hall that I'd been to. Their sandwiches are so yummy and filling, they even put potato chips in mine. Get out. 

Color blocking courtesy of the Maddux men. Proof that they're cut from the same cloth. I was dying when we left the house and they were pretty much wearing the exact same outfit just in different colors. Love these guys.

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