Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Ninja New York

For months, I'd been wanting to experience Ninja New York and we finally made it happen while John and Tanner were visiting in August. The Wilsons were kind enough to join us for this interactive dinner experience. From the outside, you wouldn't think anything of this TriBeCa Japanese restaurant, but once you take the elevator down to the basement you enter Ninja Village. The entire staff is dressed up as ninjas and they pop out of corners as you make your way through a maze to your table. The atmosphere is unlike anything I've experienced. The waiters pull out all kinds of surprises throughout dinner and I jumped quite a bit. At one point our entrees were even on fire. When they would refill our water glasses they'd shout, "NINJA WATER" - the whole thing was pretty fun. And to end our meal, one ninja put on a magic show. I'm not sure how many times he'd done this, but bless his heart, we were a pretty awkward crowd. Overall, the food was decent, not great, but the experience is totally worth it. I mean, "NINJA WATER", c'mon, go there! 


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