Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Our First Home

Ahhh these pictures bring back so many memories! I want to remember our first home for our family memory books, so forewarning, you may want to stop reading now as this is probably boring as all get-out. 

When Scott moved to New York he lived with a roommate next to work in Battery Park City. After we got married, it was out with the old and in with the new. We said goodbye to the bachelor pad and made this place ours. I didn't realize how much fun that would be. There's really no overall theme or color scheme in our home - except if you consider IKEA furniture to be a constant. Because in our case, it most definitely is. I really just wanted our home to be a place that gives you a light and clean feeling with pops of color. And of course, my OCD organization problems took over the minute I moved in. 

We love our IKEA couch - the bottom pulls out and it's essentially a big rectangular nest where I hibernate during winter months. Scott swears it's the best purchase we ever made. 

Relatively speaking, this is a good size kitchen in New York City with tons of cabinet space. I think I'm the only idiot in the city that has her wedding china here. Those cabinets definitely fit all of it. I'm desperately missing all of this counter space as well. Seriously, such a luxury. Sad, but true. 

And of course, I had to document our pride and joy. A washer and dryer in a apartment unit is almost unheard of here. Our building was brand new and Scott was the first to live in this unit, ahhh the peace of mind that comes with knowing the whole city hasn't washed their clothes in the same machine as yours. Again, such a luxury! My germaphobe self so loved this. This picture makes me ache now as we do our laundry in our building's basement. Rest in peace personal washer and dryer - you are so missed. 

Since our building was new, it had great amenities like a rooftop grill which we took full advantage of. You could see Scott's office and One World Trade up close. 

Oh, if these walls could talk. They saw way too many burnt dinners, late nights, and sleepy Saturday mornings. They heard lots of laughter and also some some tough conversations as to our future. But most of all, they saw a newlywed couple trying to navigate life in the big city while relying solely on one another. So, despite the washer/dryer, the disposal, and the central air conditioning - that is what we will remember most about the place we call our first home. 


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  1. First of all - nice apartment! Sorry we never saw it :/ Second of all - love the last paragraph... It's such a good reminder of the sweet memories we make in these temporary homes!


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