Wednesday, January 15, 2014

South Street Seaport Outdoor Movie

I was running through South Street Seaport one afternoon when I saw this set up for outdoor movies. It's part of their See/Change Initiative to revitalize the neighborhood after it was hit hard by Hurricane Sandy. In some parts you would never know it - but in others the destruction is still pretty apparent. I love what they're doing to draw more crowds to the area. The new SmorgasBar - a small spin off of Smorgasburg - has set up shop there as well. It's such a historic neighborhood where you can enjoy both the cityscape and waterfront. I feel it's one of the most unique parts of the city. I could spend a whole afternoon just roaming those cobblestone streets and popping into each shop. I knew I had to bring Scott back for an outdoor flick. 

We came back on a Saturday night to watch Chicago. Scott had never seen it before and I was sure to brief him by singing the "Cell Block Tango" the whole walk over. We found a spot up front where we could lay down our blanket and watch the movie while basking in the cool summer air. I got us some snacks from SmorgasBar and we made a whole evening of it. Scott said this was one of his favorite things we did all season. I remember thinking, "This is what summer is to me," - being outside taking in all this city has to offer with my main man. I'm longing for those nights right now.


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