Saturday, February 15, 2014

Little Moments - September

Being in New York on September 11th is very interesting. You can feel the emotion in the air. Ceremonies and memorials are all over the city. I saw this Tribute Light while walking home from a church event. I was 12-years-old when terror struck American soil on that day. I had never been to New York and I had no idea what the Twin Towers were. Now 12 years later, I still struggle to understand this unfathomable attack. But one thing is certain: this city, this country is strong and resilient. I was feeling especially proud to be a transplant New Yorker on the anniversary of 9/11. 

This just in - Shake Shack is coming to Grand Central, serving the new fresh-cut french fries. 

Our other neighbors deliver until 3:00 in the morning. Let the late night cookie consumption commence. This is trouble. 

Pumpkins started popping up all over toward the latter part of the month. 

Taking a peek at the new Today Show set late one night. 

Holy cannoli! Little Italy's San Gennaro Festival was going on for a few weeks. We explored it one weekend but didn't last too long. It was packed and reminded me of a state fair with just not as much space and no sketchy rides. 

I've really enjoyed being closer to Central Park. Scott and I were "training" for a half-marathon at the beginning of October so we ran a few of our longer Saturday runs in the park. They were glorious and I looked forward to running them. During the week, we would run separately due to our schedules, but those Saturday runs were sacred to us. Especially, with views like these! 

My favorite mall in all of New York. We had a stretch of the most perfect weather in September. I couldn't help but want to spend every waking moment outside. I wish I could have bottled this up for the next six months. 

After our runs, we would always grab brunch to refuel. We probably went overboard but there was no stopping us. We were justified. This was at The Smith, one of our favorites. 

A Saturday night date night. We run so we can get reflexology foot rubs. 

Homeboy knows the way to my heart. 

Due to an electrical issue, Metro-North trains had almost two weeks of limited service which crippled the main lines and inconvenienced thousands of people in our area. This was a huge story and we covered it extensively. I took this picture as people just stood at the boards wondering where to go next. Usually, Grand Central is full of people rushing from one point to the next, but this day everyone was still, just waiting. 

Trouble on the tracks - we were live for a few mornings covering the commute. 

Getting to know our area - I still have yet to ride the Roosevelt Island Tram. It's on my list! 

The United Nations isn't far, so we see a lot of consulates and embassies which I think is so neat. 

We had our first visitor in our new place! Our good friend, Carlton, is such a hot shot and got a job with ESPN in LA, so he had some training to do in Bristol, Connecticut, but came to the city for the weekend. We had so much fun showing him around but really missed his darling girlfriend, Melissa, this trip. Next time! 

We saw this band of bikers take over 58th Street while we were walking home from church one day. I didn't know whether to be scared or excited. Scott quickly got me out of their way because they weren't stopping for anyone. The next day, I was watching the news and there was a horrible accident involving a group of bikers and a family in a SUV on the West Side Highway. Someone filmed as the bikers started attacking the father after he ran one of them over. It turned into a huge story throughout the next month. 

A gorgeous night in Sheep's Meadow. 

I love that Blommies parties year round with those lights. So festive. 

Exploring the new hood. This looked like one big indoor doggie playgroup. I couldn't help but laugh. 

Found the cutest, old-school bakery - Glaser's on the Upper East Side. They had the best black and white cookies and I drool just thinking about their dinner rolls. 

They had been doing some construction on our building that made our windows pretty dirty. Every so often, we would see workers in the windows, but this guy caught me completely off guard. Talk about the ultimate peeping Tom. Good thing I was clothed. Can you imagine this job? SO HIGH UP. And to think of things he must see! 

I spotted this while running one day. I couldn't believe my eyes. I mean, I expected this from BYU's Sword & Quill Club but not in the city. Call me a mean muggle or a Harry Potter hater, but if you're not Vince Vaughn or Owen Wilson in "The Internship" you should just put that quidditch broom down and walk away. 

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