Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Leaves, Donuts, and One Grand Piano

Those colors!!! One crisp Saturday morning, Scott and I went on a brisk run in Central Park. I couldn't get over the crunching sound of leaves under my feet.

Love the Reservoir. I'll take that flat loop over those hard Harlem Hills any day. 

Scott had to run into work so I met a group of our friends at a Shake a Shack downtown and then had a day of exploring by myself. This can be one of my favorite things to do in the city. I love seeing new things with friends and of course my main man, but when he's tied up I try to make the most of my "me" time. So, off I went.

I had heard so much about The Donut Pub and finally made a stop while I was in the neighborhood. It's close to our old church building and had I known about it then, it would have made our walk home that much more tempting. It has an old school diner feel and the donuts were delish! Like melt in your mouth good! 

 I wandered around West Village making my way to Washington Square Park. To me, this is one of the most charming parts of the city, full of brownstones and the cutest little shops. 

This park is always bustling with students, musicians, and tourists, but this particular day was even busier as missionaries from our church drew the Book of Mormon story of Lehi's Dream with sidewalk chalk. Just weeks before, they drew the Plan of Salvation in Union Square and got lots of positive feedback. You can see a video about it here. I think it's such a neat way to share our church's message with a large group of people who otherwise may not be reached. I get so excited to see Mormon advertisements and signs of our faith in the city. It's so refreshing. 

The Great and Spacious Building

The Tree of Life

While checking out the sidewalk art, I heard the best tunes coming form these two performers under the arch. They had gathered quite the crowd and I guess they put on a show pretty often here. I was drawn to that big, beautiful grand piano. I'm not sure how they get it to and from the park but it was too cool. They sang some great medleys from B. Spears to Michael Jackson. Talk about show stoppers. I even shared a moment with the lead singer as he sang Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy". Definitely a New York day to remember. 

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