Friday, April 25, 2014

Little Moments - November

This was a display in Grand Central's Vanderbilt Hall. I don't even know the product they were advertising, some kind of bath soap I'd imagine, but it was hilarious. That is a real woman in that bath tub. 

A calm evening in City Hall Park. 

I worked the Norwalk Mayoral Race on Election Night. The candidate I was covering, Harry Rilling, ended up beating the incumbent. There's always a certain buzz while covering elections. You play the waiting game for hours and then when the polls close and results start coming in things can get really interesting. I love the news adrenaline. 

I hit up the C. Wonder Sample Sale one day. It was pretty picked over and I always have to enter those situations with a certain amount of patience. So, I was surprised when I found a few dresses. 

Potbelly's chicken enchilada soup became a go-to fall dinner. I can't get enough of that stuff. And don't get me going on their cookies and milkshakes. 

Sometimes, I go to Whole Foods just so we have plenty of Talenti. Probably defeats the purpose. But our freezer is never stocked enough. 

A walk through St. Patrick's Cathedral - it's ornateness and beauty never cease to amaze. 

My first sighting of the star on 57th and 5th. 

Views from our windows looking down on the buildings next to us. I love the pops of yellow trees. I'm so glad that these buildings beside us are much smaller and allow us this view. 

More pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, this was an all too familiar sight. 

Girls night set up at our place. 

Our dentist's office is in this fancy building downtown. Every time I go I get caught up in its beauty and forget that I'm going to get my teeth drilled. 

I sent Scott this picture after I had a cavity filled. No shower, no make up, and swollen lips. Pucker up, babay! 

Zuccotti Park holiday edition. 

I saw this well-behaved dog on the subway and was dying. Look at those manners! 

I had a meeting in this cool lobby and thought theses writings were so clever. 

I got called to serve in the Primary Presidency and have loved getting to know these kiddos. This picture was taken during our post primary program party. They did so well and we were all so proud of them. In my opinion, the Primary Program is my favorite Sunday of the year! Guaranteed entertainment. It's such a blessing to work with these fun little people. 

Holy fog, Batman. 

I came across eight giant red snails in Central Park as an art exhibit. They are made of recyclable plastic collected from landfills and represented the importance of saving nature and the environment. 

Fall, you are magical. 

It was a media frenzy waiting for Kennedy cousin Michael Skakel to walk out of the courthouse a free man on bond after spending 11 years in prison. Interesting day at the office. 

Holiday greetings from Grand Central Terminal. Their light show is too cool. 

I had heard so much about Parm, a cute little restaurant in SoHo that serves different types of parm. They have chicken parm, eggplant parm, meatball parm, etc. It was delicious. 

 Decking the halls...

Okay, Midtown, you win best dressed. 

When I saw this Cookie Monster not only with his head off, but also carrying Elmo's head, I couldn't help but laugh. Looks like they were taking a lunch break and cooling off. Remember this next time you let your children take pictures with characters in Times Square. 

Black Friday shopping on 5th Ave. It was crazy but we found some pretty good deals for Christmas. 

One of my favorite steals was on these Anthropologie ornaments. In my family ornaments are a big deal. Each year, my mom would make sure we all had a new Christmas ornament that represented something significant we did or someplace that we had traveled to. Now, Connor and I have a sentimental collection of ornaments that represent each year of our lives. This is one of my most cherished holiday traditions that we are continuing in our little family. These cute ornaments weren't necessarily our sentimental ones for this year, but I thought they'd be great supplemental ones. 

November, you sure were jam packed. Let's get this holiday party started. 

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