Monday, April 14, 2014

Little Moments - October

We went out for a walk in between General Conference sessions and ran into the Polish Parade on Fifth Avenue. There is a parade for everything here. They bring such a community feel to this busy city which I love. 

A charming morning on the Upper East Side. 

Sunflowers, pumpkins, and squash were on every corner and it made me all kinds of happy.  

One weekend, we were out on a story at a community event where there was a costume contest for dogs. The whole concept made me laugh. The Angry Birds and Dobie the Dachshund won my award for best dressed. That hot dog stand stole the show. 

I was doing a story in Westport one weekend morning and just loved the changing colors against that white colonial home. 

I made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies more times than I'm willing to admit. I even wrote the recipe down because I loved them so much. That never happens. 

Things were getting eerie on the Upper East Side. I had no idea some streets went all out for this spooky holiday. It was such a fun street to explore. 

But then again who needs a front porch to decorate when your building puts out? This festive scarecrow set-up was on display for most of the season. I think I squealed the first time I saw it and it made me smile each time I passed. 

Most wards in our church have a trunk-or-treat in a parking lot where kids go from car to car collecting candy. That's just not going to happen in New York, where no one really owns cars and we certainly don't have a parking lot. So, we improvised for our church Halloween party. We had the kids go door to door inside the church so the they could still trick-or-treat. This was my "Scary Green Monster" decorated door. Bless my non-crafty heart. 

I was on my way to the Post Office and ran into this market on Lexington Avenue. 

Some of our long-time family friends, the Bellmans, were in town for a wedding and we were able to get together and do dinner. It was such a blast to catch up with such a fun family. 

I did a story on the one year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy. It was so sad to talk with people who are still rebuilding and recovering. This home is being raised so it's out of the flood line.

I worked this Halloween holiday so I was Veronica Corningstone. All we were missing was Ling Wong the pregnant panda. We went live outside of police headquarters and saw lots of people dressed up in costumes. At one point, a drunk Peter Pan walked through our live shot and was making faces. Real mature. 

October, you sure were beautiful. 

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