Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Newsical The Musical

We live for the weekends! I wish every day was Saturday. One weekend we ran through the park and had brunch at Isabella's right next to the American Museum of Natural History. 

The museum was already setting up their holiday decor - I can't get over those dinosaurs. 

Later that day, we got tickets for Newsical The Musical at TKTS and had such a fun date night catching a show. It was like a longer format of Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update. The AP calls it "The Daily Show set to music!" They had about four main performers who did different spoof's on all the latest headlines. It was pretty funny and slightly inappropriate, which we don't mind. I would imagine that their material changes all the time depending on the big stories week. 

The night went out with a bang at Patsy's Pizza on the Upper East Side. Here's to the weekends, may you last longer and always consist of pizza and a play. 



  1. Ooh Patsy's - that's one spot we didn't hit up. I guess we'll have to come back :)

    PS - You two are too fun. You make your very limited time together seem like it's much more time, with how much you manage to do and see (and eat)!

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