Thursday, May 8, 2014

New York City Christmas Tour 2013

New York at Christmas time sure is something else. This city pulls out all the stops to make it magical. No one holds back. Almost every park decorates a big Christmas tree, department stores showcase elaborate window displays, even the pretzel guy puts twinkle lights on his food cart. It's truly one of a kind. Surely something everyone should experience once in their lifetime. 

Since our Christmas Tree Tour last year was so much fun - I wanted to do it again before we left town for the actual holiday. Despite the crowds, I vowed to cover as much ground as we could. Take a look! 

Greetings from Grand Central. I pass through this majestic place on a daily basis and it still stops me in my tracks. The terminal goes all out with a holiday light show, big, beautiful wreaths, their annual holiday market, and of course, the incredible train display!

Just outside GCT, Bryant Park had decked the halls as well. This pretty tree sat next to an ice skating rink surrounded by another fun holiday market. 

I was most surprised by this beauty in the New York Public Library. I'm embarrassed to say it was my first time in the historic building. Since we were close by, Scott and I decided to go in and finally check it out, so not expecting a full-blown Christmas display. Those tall ceilings, lit candles, and the staircases dripping in garland had me at helloooo. I was in love. It felt like Hogwarts -- which Scott was naturally all about. 

And can you even imagine studying in such a beautiful place?! The next rainy day we have I'm putting myself  in one of those chairs and burying my head in a book. Because, reading never looked so good. 

Also, the library has this children's exhibit going on that I'd been wanting to check out. It's dedicated to wonderful children's books. 

I thought of my main man Nile when I saw the "Goodnight Moon" set up. 

And Mary Poppins' umbrella takes on a whole new meaning for me after seeing "Saving Mr. Banks". Was Scott Maddux the only man who cried in that movie? I thought it was such a winner! 

Our church had a Stake Christmas Concert one night and afterwards, we stopped by Lincoln Center to see this guy. It looked so pretty resting in between those big columns. 

Seen from 58th Street and 5th Avenue. 5th Avenue can be crazy this time of year. All of the major department stores have amazing window displays and crowds flock to them. This star on 57th Street leads the way north toward the park. 

Next to Scott's office on Park Avenue. The Helmsley Building lights up most nights for different occasions. 

The Union Square Holiday Market is by far the best one of the season. I spent one afternoon here doing some last minute shopping. They had some pretty unique finds. And I was pretty smitten by the Santa's workshop set up. 

The Madison Square Park tree wins most crafty. I mean, check out that fun bunting. And what a magical setting with the Empire State Building looking down on it. 

The New York Stock Exchange was lit up with red and green lights all month. We saw this tree while we were out delivering some Christmas goodies to friends. It was the night before we left town and I remember we had the best weather that I didn't even need my dreaded puffer coat. Curse that thing. 

This little west village apartment sure had decked the halls. Fire escape and all. Scenes like this made me giddy all month. 

Empire State Building lit up like a Christmas tree. 

We made it to Washington Square Park after the lights turned off. What a perfect place for a massive tree - right under that gorgeous arch. This was one of my favorite finds all season.  

And last but certainly not least, our building put up this festive fir in our lobby. I couldn't help but smile each time I walked by. I'm sure Scott got tired of running around town chasing trees but I sure had fun. He was a good sport. All of these trees captured Christmas in the city to me. 

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