Thursday, May 1, 2014

Our First "Big" Christmas Tree + Holidays Around Our Home

By the end of November, city sidewalks were dressed in holiday style with the most charming tree lots you ever did see. We fell hard for them last year and got robbed. This year we had learned our lesson, so late one night we ran up to Whole Foods to check our their trees. 

Scott insisted on getting the eight foot tree. When I told him that it was way too big for our small space he called me the Grinch. Needless to say, we left with the one of the tallest and fullest trees they had. 

It definitely wasn't going to fit in a cab and we weren't going to pay for home delivery, so Santa's little helper carried the fir all the way home. I love this guy's holiday spirit and "go big or go home" attitude. He's my fav. 

We came home and I dug our tree stand out of storage only to find that our tree wouldn't fit in it. It was also too tall for our ceiling. At this point, we both couldn't stop laughing. There we were at 1:00 in the morning in our small studio, laying our Christmas tree on the floor for the night because we didn't have a big enough stand and it was far too late to buy one. Definitely a holiday moment I will never forget. 

The next day, we bought a bigger stand and were finally able to put the poor thing upright. We rocked around the Christmas tree as we decorated. Some of my favorite Christmas memories growing up are decorating the tree as family. My mom would put on her favorite John Denver and the Muppets holiday tunes and we would unwrap our ornaments we've collected over the years and find the perfect place for them on the tree. I wouldn't trade those moments for the world. Scott and I had a ball decorating our first BIG tree. It may have taken up half our studio and we may have had to rearrange some furniture, but we were in business. It was a very cozy Christmas. 

Scott insisted that the tree go by our windows. I loved seeing the twinkle lights against the city lights. That Chrysler Building peeking through!!! When I would get home from work, the first thing I would do was plug those puppies in! 

Scott got me that sweet NYC snow globe when we were still dating. His parents gave me that precious little nativity. And a friend from Mississippi gave me that fun Charlie Brown Christmas Tree. Christmas decor is so meaningful to me. 

This was our first year sending out Christmas cards. Scott and I both agree that it was one of our favorite parts of the season. We so enjoyed receiving holiday greetings from family and dear friends from all stages of life. We loved all of your pictures so much I couldn't take you pretty people off our wall for a few weeks, maybe months. 

Another one of my favorite Christmas memories is delivering goodies to neighbors and friends. My mom was always so good and made different treats most years. One of my all-time favorites is her Andes Mint Cookies. We made them last year and continued on with the tradition. We spent one Friday night delivering and visiting with friends before we left town. 

No matter where our home is I hope we can continue on with these traditions. I cherish them so. 

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  1. You guys are TOO much fun!!! Love love love your tree!


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