Monday, September 22, 2014

Valentine's Day 2014

Valentine's is always such a welcomed holiday in the dead of winter. Looking back, this year's Valentine's Day wasn't too different than last year's. I had to sleep in Connecticut the night before because I worked a dayside shift and had a quick turnaround for morning live shots. We were at the Stamford Train Station talking delays during the morning commute.  

We asked people if the delays were going to ruin any of their big Valentine plans. During one live interview, a commuter told us he was going to hand out Valentines from his young daughter to co-workers that day. He gave me one his daughter's darling cards on air and it made for fun TV. Thanks, Violet Eloise, for brightening our freezing morning. 

I think I fell asleep on the train ride home only to hit up Magnolia's Bakery at Grand Central for some yummy treats. 

When Scott got off work we made our way to West Village for dinner at Bar Pitti. The food was good but I was pretty disappointed with the service. The waiters didn't give us much time to look at the menu and were quick to get us out. They weren't packed for a Friday night so I was confused why they were rushing us. We had a good laugh over the it.  

We ended love day with a cozy night in eating banana pudding and watching a movie. I think it was our first date in awhile and I was so grateful we got to spend the evening together and just catch up on our lives. Thanks, Scott Maddux, for being my forever Valentime. 

Matilda the Musical

We made the most of Con and Shelb's last night in the city. I worked a bunch during that cold week but was so happy to come home and meet up with them for one fun activity after another. They walked right into Shubert Theatre minutes before curtain and got great seats for Matilda The Musical. I was a little late but only missed the opening song. The musical started in London a few years ago and made its way to Broadway in 2013. Since then, its won multiple Tony Awards. To say we were blown away by this production is an understatement. It's simply incredible. The music is catchy, the set is unbelievable, and the young actors are insanely talented. The highlights for me: the choreogrpahy during "School Song" as the kids climbed the letter blocks and of course, the big finale when the kids stand on top of their desks singing "Revolting Children". When Brucie takes the mic for his big solo I was crying happy tears. Needless to say, Matilda is magical! Go see it! It's easily in my Top 5 now. Musicals leave me on cloud nine just extremely happy to be alive. We saw four shows in six days. It was really hard to say goodbye to my Broadway buddies. We ended the night with Shake Shack for dinner and then Max Brenner's for dessert. I put these two in a cab the next morning and tears ran down my face as I watched them drive away. They came to visit at the perfect time. It was a rough winter and Scott and I were both working crazy hours. I didn't realize just how much I needed to see family until they left. Thanks, Con and Shelb for letting me play third wheel all week. It did my heart a whole lot of good.  


Sunday, September 21, 2014

Momma Mia!

To continue our Broadway Tour: one weekend night, I blitzed back to the city from work to meet these guys at the Broadhurst Theatre for Momma Mia! They scored cheap tickets again and we had such great seats. Connor and I saw the production in London years ago, but this was Shelb's first time. I forgot how many songs they sing in this musical! It's one ABBA hit after another. I love this show because it's extremely upbeat, energetic, and just a feel a good time. The cast was hilarious and I thought our Donna and Sophie were way talented. After the show, it was still snowing a bit so we took a cab over to Patsy's for some late night pizza. A true New York night with my favorite visitors. 


Saturday, September 20, 2014

Cinderella on Broadway

When we didn't get into Late Night with Jimmy, we headed to Broadway for Rodger and Hammerstein's Cinderella. None of us had seen it before and these college co-eds were able to get two tickets each with their student IDs. Talk about a steal! The best way to see a broadway, in my opinion. Scott made it in time for act two, phew! Carly Rae Jepsen was our Cinderella and Fran Drescher from the TV show "The Nanny" was our evil step-mother. I was pleasantly surprised by both! Carly Rae held her own and Fran's famous voice was hilarious. The music was fun and the set was really neat. I think the most memorable thing was Cinderella's ball gown -- she went from rags to riches in a few twirls! Afterwards, we hit up Shake Shack for concretes and called it a night with the tune of "In my own little corner, in my own little chair, I can be whatever I want to be," still stuck in my head. 


Con and Shelby Do NYC

At the beginning of February, Connor and Shelby took a break from their college semester and came to visit. I was so thrilled to see family in the middle of the harshest winter. Scott was working horrible hours and I felt like I hadn't seen him in weeks. I can't tell you how nice it was not to come home to an empty house and party with these pretty people all week. Gosh, I love them. 

We hit the town running and saw Jersey Boys on their first night. Shelb and I had seen it before but it was Connor's first time. It was no surprise he absolutely loved it. I think that musical will always be in my Top 5. We were singing, "Oh What a Night" til we went to bed. 

We paid a visit to Jacob's Pickles and Grand Central before heading home. These two are hilarious and were such a breath of fresh air for me during a cold work week. 

The next morning, Con woke up early for standby tickets to Jimmy Fallon's last Late Night show. It turned out to be almost an all-day affair and we were only a few people away from getting in. COME ON, JIMMY. Norma's made up for the disappointment. I ordered the "Donut Even Go There French Toast" stuffed with cheesecake and served with vanilla ice cream.  It was sinful. Shelbaby even had a Blair Waldorf moment when she spilled a little something on her blouse and hostess helped her get the stain out with Pallegrino. We were dying. 

The one night Scott could join us, we hit up Mighty Quinn's BBQ and then Big Gay Ice Cream on the Lower East Side.

Aren't they cute?! Another night, we celebrated Shelbaby's 23rd birthday with dinner at Rosemary's in West Village and dessert at her absolute favorite, Amorino. She introduced me to their delicious gelato. She hadn't had it since her study abroad in Paris so it was the perfect birthday treat! Come on guys, just move here already...


A City Super Bowl

New York City hosted Super Bowl XLVIII and naturally, pulled out all the stops. Technically, the big game was in New Jersey, but the party was in the city all week leading up to kickoff. Times Square was turned into Super Bowl Boulevard filled with all things football. You could kick a field goal, throw a pass, and even see the Vince Lombardi Trophy. Safe to say, it was a madhouse. 

My darling friend, the Cajun Queen and PR Princess, Jenna Cason, was working the big event and we were able to meet up! I hadn't seen her in over a year and was so anxious to catch up! We did a quick lap through Times Square - it was freezing, and then had dinner at Empanada Mama and walked to Sprinkles for dessert. I was so happy she took time out of her busy week to visit.   

Scott was lucky enough to get tickets to the Super Bowl through his high school football coach's son, who does some work with his group at Blackstone. I ended up working on game day...someone has to put food on the table. He made the trek to MetLife stadium with a few coworkers and watched the Seahawks annihilate the Broncos. Scott claims Bruno Mars was the best part of the night. Even still, talk about a bucket list item! 

After work, I ran over to 90 West for a viewing party with friends. I caught this view of the Helmsley Building sporting a Seahawk victory on my walk home. The Super Bowl excitement was fun to experience in the host city. 

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