Tuesday, September 16, 2014

California New Year's 2014

We made our way to sunny California to spend New Year's with the Maddux crew! Scott and I had a little road trip and really enjoyed our time in a car. We arrived in the afternoon and went shopping at the outlets and then to the movies to see Saving Mr. Banks. We all loved it and I think some of the Maddux boys even shed a few tears. 

The next day, we headed up north to a new home that John and Laurie were building just outside of Santa Barbara. We had heard so much about it so it was great to get a visual. We made the short walk to the beach and took a few photos with our new camera -- we're still such rookies on that thing. 

We made our way to dinner at the The Lark in historic Santa Barbara. It's next to this wood-fire pizza place called Lucky Penny. We didn't eat there but it sure gets points for presentation in my book. We'll have to go back next time. 

The Lark was delicious. The food is served family style meant for sharing. The atmosphere was very unique. It has an urban style that integrates vintage and repurposed materials. Check that old Catholic confessional turned seating area. I'd love to go again. Old town Santa Barbara is full of character. 

The next day we had breakfast with Grandma Holley and played tennis with John and Tanner. They schooled us! I think John was ready to disown me if I didn't sign up for private lessons stat. It was embarrassingly funny as I swung the racket like a softball bat. You laughed the first time, right John?!

We celebrated Grandpa Jim's birthday at the Las Posas Country Club. He was the man of the hour and is always such a hoot. I loved catching up with Biya, she is such a beautiful woman. It was great to see some of Scott's cousins and catch up. I wish we got to see them more often. 

We made a midnight run to Rolling Pins because what's a trip to Camarillo without that doughy goodness. Here's to New Year's resolutions. 

We said our goodbyes and headed out of town early the next morning. John and Laurie ended up selling Scott's childhood home a few months later. This was our last stay at the Calle de Debesa house. There's something so special about the home you grow up in. I think I was more sentimental about it than Scott was. And I will certainly miss waking up to this view when we visit. Thanks J+L for such a lovely visit. 


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