Saturday, September 20, 2014

Con and Shelby Do NYC

At the beginning of February, Connor and Shelby took a break from their college semester and came to visit. I was so thrilled to see family in the middle of the harshest winter. Scott was working horrible hours and I felt like I hadn't seen him in weeks. I can't tell you how nice it was not to come home to an empty house and party with these pretty people all week. Gosh, I love them. 

We hit the town running and saw Jersey Boys on their first night. Shelb and I had seen it before but it was Connor's first time. It was no surprise he absolutely loved it. I think that musical will always be in my Top 5. We were singing, "Oh What a Night" til we went to bed. 

We paid a visit to Jacob's Pickles and Grand Central before heading home. These two are hilarious and were such a breath of fresh air for me during a cold work week. 

The next morning, Con woke up early for standby tickets to Jimmy Fallon's last Late Night show. It turned out to be almost an all-day affair and we were only a few people away from getting in. COME ON, JIMMY. Norma's made up for the disappointment. I ordered the "Donut Even Go There French Toast" stuffed with cheesecake and served with vanilla ice cream.  It was sinful. Shelbaby even had a Blair Waldorf moment when she spilled a little something on her blouse and hostess helped her get the stain out with Pallegrino. We were dying. 

The one night Scott could join us, we hit up Mighty Quinn's BBQ and then Big Gay Ice Cream on the Lower East Side.

Aren't they cute?! Another night, we celebrated Shelbaby's 23rd birthday with dinner at Rosemary's in West Village and dessert at her absolute favorite, Amorino. She introduced me to their delicious gelato. She hadn't had it since her study abroad in Paris so it was the perfect birthday treat! Come on guys, just move here already...


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