Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Little Moments - December

These pretty things were at every corner shop all month. I look forward to filling our studio with them all year. 

Our girl, Ruby, turned one and celebrated her golden birthday!!! These pictures are pretty accurate -- we smother her. I tell the Larsens constantly if all of our unborn children were guaranteed to be like Ruby, I'd have eight of them. She is the best child. And we all know that will never happen.  

A cold night on Greenwich Avenue in Connecticut after watching the Christmas Devotional at the Davis home. I love any chance I get to take Scott up to CT and show him where I spend my work days. 

We live close to the United Nations so seeing rallies on nearby streets is not uncommon. One day, when our New York years are behind us, I will really miss living amidst such diversity. For now, I'll relish in it. 

Light up the live truck! It was dark and snowy during our 5:00 hit but warm and cozy in the truck. I vote for twinkle lights year round. 

December, you sure were something else. 2013, you went out with a bang. We ended the year feeling so very blessed to have spent time with family and to have made it home for the holidays. 

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