Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Little Moments - January 2014

January hit hard. The holidays were over and it was back to reality. A very cold, harsh reality. I remember first coming home and whining as we took the elevator up to our apartment. We were not ready for what was to come. Long hours for Scott and snow coverage for me. But ready or not -- the coldest winter we've ever had came quickly. 

This is how I felt about leaving the land of sunny skies and citrus trees for the dreaded polar vortex. Going from 70 degrees to seven was a shock to my system. 

I covered the aftermath of a horrible fire in small town Shelton. The community had come together to donate clothing for those victims who lost their homes. I thought the response was incredible. 

A sea of black winter coats fills Grand Central. We need some more color in the winter months, New Yorkers. 

My parents celebrated their 27th wedding anniversary! Here's to my favorite couple of all-time. And they still look that good. 

We had dinner one night at Peels in the Lower East Side with the Komendas. It was yummy but I lost my winter gloves there, wahhhhhhh. 

The last remnants of Christmas, bah humbug! I will say these trees make New York streets smell like Christmas all month - I'll take that over trash any day. 

Meanwhile, the aftermath of Christmas in our home. I'm still finding pine needles. 

Kels and I finally made the trip to the world-famous Dominique Ansel bakery in SoHo. They were out of the coveted cronuts but we did get to meet the cronut founder himself. Dominique was so nice and even chatted with us for a bit. 

This stuff is gold. We've really been trying to step up our cheese knowledge. If Scott had it his way we'd become cheese connoisseurs. This is our go-to from Dean and Deluca. 

Seen on 2nd Avenue in the Lower East Side. 

This was Scott's first time to Jacob's Pickles and he loved it. As you can see, he manhandled that Southwestern BLT. I could eat that buttermilk fried chicken all day err day and I dream about their biscuits and fixins like every night. 

I had applied to run in the NYC Half-Marathon in December but got rejected because there were so many applicants. They ended up opening more spots and I somehow got in! I was pumped but knew I only had two months to train. This was taken on one of my longer runs past the Williamsburg Bridge. 

Lexington Ave. during a snowstorm. After the first pretty snowfall, it just becomes the biggest hassle and inconvenience. I was over it by mid-January. 

Morning live shots on cozy Greenwich Avenue. It was one degree outside but felt like -16 with the wind chill. I think I even said on air, "This is the coldest I have ever been." My news director got a kick out of that one. Heaven help us all. 

This was a sight to behold - the frozen Hudson River. This was by far the coldest winter New York had seen in decades. Enter my seasonal depression. 

My dear friend, Julie, and her boyfriend, Kyle, drove to the city from Virginia for a hot shot job interview. We got to hang with them when they weren't busy. We ate at Rosemary's and The Smith and loved catching up with Jules and meeting Kyle. Julie ended up getting the job and lives here now which I love! 

Kels got a beautiful hair makeover courtesy of the Rachel Ray Show. I caught her big debut while I was a work and snapped a few pictures. She's such a doll. 

January, it was fun, kind of. I was happy to see you go. 


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