Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Mesa Christmas 2013

Now that Labor Day is over, I can blog about Christmas! What?! I think I will always be eight months behind on this thing. There are so many memories I hope to record, just not enough hours in the day. Here goes our Mesa Christmas 2013. Scott was able to take about two weeks off and work remotely for a bit so we took full advantage and went home for the holidays. I hadn't been home for Christmas since I was in college so it was long overdue. Scott and I had our super romantic country Christmas all by our lonesome in Mississippi back in 2011, and then last Christmas was spent with the Maddux Family in Camarillo. Since it had been THREE years, I was more than ready to rock with these people around my childhood Christmas tree. 

We flew home late on a Saturday and spent Sunday with family. My dad and I got to visit with my Great Grandma Louise who is now 97-years-old.  She had been sick for some time but is such a strong woman and was on the road to recovery. Those Glasco genes are unbelievable! It was wonderful to catch up with her after such a long time. 

We had dinner at Troy and Judy Lane's that night and it was the first of many hilarious games of  Heads Up. 

We spent the last few days before Christmas running around finishing up some holiday errands. And one can only do that with a Chick-fil-a peppermint milkshake in hand. Come on New York, bring this goodness to me year round.  

Nothing says Christmas shopping to me like Scottsdale Fashion Square. I have childhood memories of coming here with my Nonnie to pick out a gift each year. My mom and I came out of a store to see Scott like this. She just started laughing and said, "He really is just a big kid, huh?" To which I replied, "If you only knew."

One night, we had dinner at our all-time favorite Tia Rosas with this ultimate crew and then came back to my house for dessert and another game of Heads Up. The boys dominated. I have this image of Nate acting out animals and Scott guessing them in record time. They had all of us on the floor! I'm so lucky that so many of my best friends from high school and college come home for the holidays so that we can all catch up and relive the glory days. These girls are the real deal. 

We were busy little elves delivering Mendi Sue's famous homemade hot sauce and chips to friends. And really, Mesa, that blue sky on Christmas Eve. Stop showing off. 

Connor's face in these kills me. As do his wrapping skills. I have the best memories wrapping presents with him in my parents' room on Christmas Eve. Even at 25 and 23 we were pumped to do this together. He always comes up with the funniest names and titles for Christmas tags. 

Only the good stuff for a festive Christmas Eve dinner. 

I was feeling extra sentimental about our pretty childhood tree on Christmas Eve. It saw many happy Christmas mornings in our home. 

Christmas morning was full of fun, laughs, and cinnamon rolls. I find so much joy in watching the ones I love the most give and receive thoughtful, meaningful gifts. My dad bought my mom these beautiful dishes she'd had her eye on. Her reaction was priceless. Our parents and grandparents all chipped in to help give us a Canon EOS 70D Camera. It's something we've wanted for some time and we were so thrilled to start documenting our lives in a much clearer way! We were so grateful. 

We had Christmas dinner at Grandpa Bob and Christina's in Goodyear. 

Trying to take a nice family photo until someone drops a line from Anchorman 2. We saw the movie that afternoon and it certainly had its hilarious moments - but we all agreed nothing will beat the original. 

The next day, the boys went golfing while my Mom and I got pedicures. Then, we got ready for dinner with the Taylor/Noorda Families and you guessed it, another game of Heads Up. It's clearly a family favorite. Man, I love my people. 

Another day was spent in Pine for the Patterson Family Christmas Party. I can't look back on this day without a ton of emotions running through me. This was the last time I would see this beautiful woman, my grandma Marilyn Sue, on this earth. She passed away not even three months later. I still can't believe she's gone. Every day, I'll see something or smell something or better yet, eat something and will immediately think of her. I hate that she's not a phone call away. Grandmothers are such special people, and I'm convinced I have the best ones. My Branny was the perfect mix of love, strength, and sassy. I spent most of the party running around interviewing family members about memories they have of my grandparents. I plan to turn all of those interviews into some kind of family history video. How grateful I am that I had a chance to record some of my grandma's own favorite memories. It's footage I will cherish for the rest of my life. More on this to come.

Kate had us over for a fun night in her beautiful home. I love that I never skip a beat with these girls. They're relationships I've had since high school yet have evolved naturally into our current stages of life. Hailey entertained us with her magic tricks while Jack was passed around the room. 

Shelbaby worked her magic on Doug's mane. 

Another dinner and game night -- this time with our second family the Clarks. All of the participants that night know who truly won. In the immortal words of Matt, "I'll take sports legends for the win!!" I think my favorite part of the trip was spending time with all of the people I love most in our home. 

I went to lunch with some friends one day and when I got home, Scott was gone. I called him to find out where he was only to learn that he was driving around looking at model homes. Haha, I was dying as we could not be further from buying a home. He came to pick me up so I could join in on the fun. Driving around and looking at houses is one of our favorite things to do together. We toured one home that had a master closet the size of our bathroom, kitchen, and living space combined. One day in the far future we'll trade our rent check for a mortgage. But for now, I'll take my 600 square foot shoebox studio. 

This was the playroom in one of the model homes. I was rolling because check that family calendar - can you spot the "FHE" under Monday night's activities? They even had Mountain View High School yearbooks on nightstands. Talk about catering to a certain demographic. 

We spent the evening at the Mesa Temple Lights and I think it may have been our first time on the grounds since our wedding day. I love this place for that. And I'm beyond grateful for this good group who make me belly laugh constantly. 

We spent the last day of the year living on the edge and conquering Camelback Mountain with some of my favorites, Carolyn and Carli. I've wanted to take Scott on this hike for some time now and was so happy he could finally go. He had to take a work call on our way down and I couldn't help but laugh. I've got to give it to him, he's the master multi-tasker. We enjoyed the best weather and took a route I'd never hiked before. Here's to new heights in 2014. 

This lopsided Christmas tree at the top was too funny. Heaven help the brave soul who schlepped that thing all the way up. 

We had a yummy brunch at Crackers and I finally got my fix of their mouthwatering potato soup. 

That night we got to catch up with some of our dear New York friends who had moved to London but were home in Gilbert for the holidays. We went to Sauce with Jeff and Robyn and then got to meet their little Hudson! He is to die for and we were so happy our trips overlapped and we got spend time with these guys!

Later we went to Mill Avenue in Tempe to check out the New Year's Eve celebrations with my parents. It was crazy packed so we decided to just grab dinner and watch the ball drop at home. A nice change of pace from our Times Square celebrations last year

On one of our last nights we went to the Phoenix Symphony with my Nonnie. She has such fabulous taste and is always up for a night on the town. I loved our time with her. The Symphony played a few songs from multiple Broadway musicals so it was a lot of fun to recognize the tunes. 

Our last night by this fire. My favorite spot in the house. 

Just before we hopped on the plane, I got to meet my mom's famous kindergarten class! She has bragged and bragged about this group -- they did not disappoint. And Mendi Sue is the best teacher on the planet. 

I miss coming home from Misty's muscle class with Mom and drinking my dad's fresh orange juice. Our backyard citrus trees give the best fruit this time of year.

Good thing I grabbed some for the plane ride home. Thanks Mom and Dad for making Christmas 2013 filled with friends, family, and the best of memories. Good thing Christmas is only three months away. (Man, I'm horrible at documenting.) 

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