Monday, September 22, 2014

Valentine's Day 2014

Valentine's is always such a welcomed holiday in the dead of winter. Looking back, this year's Valentine's Day wasn't too different than last year's. I had to sleep in Connecticut the night before because I worked a dayside shift and had a quick turnaround for morning live shots. We were at the Stamford Train Station talking delays during the morning commute.  

We asked people if the delays were going to ruin any of their big Valentine plans. During one live interview, a commuter told us he was going to hand out Valentines from his young daughter to co-workers that day. He gave me one his daughter's darling cards on air and it made for fun TV. Thanks, Violet Eloise, for brightening our freezing morning. 

I think I fell asleep on the train ride home only to hit up Magnolia's Bakery at Grand Central for some yummy treats. 

When Scott got off work we made our way to West Village for dinner at Bar Pitti. The food was good but I was pretty disappointed with the service. The waiters didn't give us much time to look at the menu and were quick to get us out. They weren't packed for a Friday night so I was confused why they were rushing us. We had a good laugh over the it.  

We ended love day with a cozy night in eating banana pudding and watching a movie. I think it was our first date in awhile and I was so grateful we got to spend the evening together and just catch up on our lives. Thanks, Scott Maddux, for being my forever Valentime. 

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