Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Little Moments - February 2014

February was filled with a lot of early mornings spent covering snowstorms. This particular day I learned what freezing rain consists of. I would be fine never experiencing that again. At this point, I was living off of hot chocolate and strawberry donuts.

My photog, Tim, was a saint and dug out multiple cars that had gotten stuck that morning. 

More work days spent in a New England winter wonderland that seemed to never end. 

We had a few athletes in our area make it to the Winter Olympics. We covered some of the watch parties. 

When Con and Shelb were visiting they stood in line for Jimmy Fallon tickets. I met up with them and low and behold, my friend Cath and her family were standing right by them in line! Crazy coincidence! 

My favorite skyscraper on a cold night. I had just met up with Scott for a quick Saturday night dinner at our go-to Schnippers. He had to run back into the office after but we learned to cherish those quick meet-ups that month. His hours were crazy town and I rarely saw him. I'll never forget one morning, I woke up to my alarm at 6:00 AM and realized Scott wasn't in bed. I heard a rustling at the door and soon learned he was just coming home from work. I left 20 minutes later and thought to myself, "This is not normal." He would sleep for two hours and then have to head into the office and do it all over again. That happened a few times that month. I can laugh now but it was not fun. 

I had been doing my longer training runs outside in the snow. I'd heard the Hudson River Park was probably the most plowed -- but it was still an icy mess. 

To overcome seasonal depression, scarf one full sleeve in a 10-minute sitting. Cured! Big thanks so my heaven sent mother who knows just how to send sunshine through mail! 

I walked pass the Ukrainian Embassy and saw this makeshift memorial during all of the unrest in Europe. 

A Kenz and Ky date while our husbands worked. We ate at The Place and then got our famous reflexology massages. Man, am I beyond grateful for dear friends who understand long hours and crazy schedules. 

That blue sky and sunshine sure had me believing spring was right around the corner. Psyche! 


Cub Scouts Blue and Gold Banquet

I was in charge of planning our ward's Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquet back in February. I had maybe attended one banquet for Connor years ago but had no idea what I was doing. I was pretty overwhelmed and often complained about the process. I know right, pathetic. 

Kels was a champ and made the journey to Costco and Target in East Harlem with me. We shopped for all of the party essentials and then took a cab home. 

I was in charge of the food and another leader did the decorations. The day of the event, I hauled my loot up to the church and couldn't help but laugh at this image -- our sweet doorman, George, helping me hail a cab with all of the food and supplies. Only in New York. 

I went back and forth on what to do for the food but ultimately, decided hamburgers and hot dogs would be the easiest. Wrong. Little did I know, you can only "warm" things up in our church kitchen and are not allowed to actually grill/cook. So there I was, outside the church, with a griddle and crock pot in hand trying to catch a cab during a shift change on a freezing afternoon. I couldn't for the life of me grab a taxi so I had to haul my load on the subway. It was here that the curse words started flying. Suburbia never looked so good. Where was my minivan when I needed it? Scott could sense the stress in my voice as I called to have him meet me at the subway station to help carry the load the rest of the way home. If I suffer, we all suffer. To add fuel to the fire, literally, I almost burned our apartment building to the ground grilling up 10 turkey burgers, 25 hamburgers, an 30 hot dogs all in our cubicle sized kitchen. One hour later, I was racing back to the church, this time in a cab, minutes before the event started. 

We ended up having a great turn out and the boys did an awesome job with their skits. They were all pretty proud of their awards and accomplishments which was by far the best part. We have some incredible cub scout leaders who really put a lot of heart into their weekly activities. I think we were all pleased with how things went. 

Just before the banquet started, my dad sent me a sarcastic "Praying for you" text message. I couldn't help but laugh and realize how ridiculous my complaining had been throughout the whole thing. Embarrassing, I know. I learned a few things during this process. First, I have a huge, new-found appreciation for the youth leaders I had growing up. And next time, we're ordering pizza. 
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