Thursday, August 31, 2017

Little Moments - May 2014

I took these photos on the bus after a Costco trip because I want to remember what an ordeal it is here in the city. I take the bus uptown, shop, and then walk a few blocks with all of my groceries to catch the bus back home. It's a pain. It's tiring. And it shouldn't be this hard.
Enter Google Shopping Express! I got my first six months free and all I had to do was download the app, place my order, and ta-da!!! My groceries were delivered to my door day of. They don't deliver produce though...that's where Instacart comes in. These two services changed city living for me. No more walks to the bus stop with groceries in tow. INCREDIBLE!!!
Speaking of shopping, after Christmas I swore off shopping for clothes. I was over commercialism and just kind of sick of it. I went four months without making a purchase and it felt good. Not that I'm a big shopper, I'm not. I don't even enjoy it all that much. But in New York your walk anywhere is accompanied by so many store windows, sometimes it's hard to keep away. I saw these darling booties on sale for $50 at Anthropologie and I was sold. I'm no fool. I bought them in a heartbeat. And just like that, my four month, self-inflicted shopping fast was over. So sorry, Scotty.
Our news station did a story on this little boy whose wheelchair got stolen. I covered the follow up when someone donated a new chair. He was so outgoing and fun and I felt honored to meet him. 
Kels and I hit up Madison Square Eats and then munched on our goodies at this pretty spot. 
Sprinkles opened up an ice cream shop right next to their cupcake store on Lexington. It's divine. 
The good weather brought so many outdoor meals. I grabbed dinner in Midtown and then met Scott right outside his office on Park Avenue. It was a beautiful night. 
Twinning with the one and only Kathryn Hauser! I look up to her so! 
Another day, another story. At a Bridgeport school celebrating a group who had just returned from singing for President Obama. 
A fantastic Girls' Night Out with these lovely ladies! We all met after work, got manicures, and then put ourselves in a chocolate coma at Max Brenner. The night couldn't get better when...
we stumbled upon this scene in the Union Square subway. This creepy subway artist had us all laughing and quickly backing up. We didn't know what to think. 
A midweek meet-up in SoHo with Jules. 

Crews had just completed a lot of construction near One World Trade. I had to go to our old neighborhood and check it out. I couldn't believe that you can now stand right next to it after the area was blocked off for more than a decade. 

Scenes from our bike ride in Brooklyn. The Empire State Building peeking through the Manhattan Bridge. 

People catching rays wherever they can. I had a good laugh at this scene while on a run. 

Metro-North had their fair share of problems this year. The latest was a malfunction on the bridge causing thousands of commuters to get stranded at the South Norwalk station on a Friday evening. I was working nightside and did live hits throughout the whole ordeal. I became so familiar with Metro-North as a passenger and also as a reporter - I felt like a lived on those trains.

Our Interns Arrive

We deemed the summer of 2014 "The Summer of Siblings"! Tanner and Alexandra were in engaged and planning a wedding while interning in New York. On their first Saturday in the city, we got rush tickets to see Matilda and caught a matinee. It was my second time seeing it but Scott's first. It's so well done. The children performers blow my mind with their insane talent. Then, Connor came a few days later to start his internship and we walked to his office and found his route to work. Before he started, we spent an afternoon riding Citi Bikes on the Hudson River Park and getting gelato at Amorino in honor of Shelby. My heart was so full with excitement and love to have family so close for the summer. Especially when Scott works long hours, this was such a treat for me to have family to hang with. We loved showing them around, going to baseball games, and having them all over for Sunday dinners. It was certainly a sweet summer to remember!

Noordas In New York - Memorial Day 2014

Hailey hits the Big Apple! I love this picture of her with a lollipop the size of her head. Our dear friends, the Noordas, came from Washington, D.C. to visit New York over Memorial Day. We were so excited to hang with them in our city! We visited FAO Schwartz, 5th Avenue, the High Line, and stopped for lunch at Chelsea Market. We hit up Los Tacos and got our favorite chocolate milk from Roonybrook. It was so much fun to have Julie and Kyle join in on the fun. Makall and Julie were some of my best friends in high school. Who would have thought when we graduated seven years ago, we would all end up so far from our hometown, yet so close together?! It was such a fun day in the city with them.

The next Sunday after church, we met the Noordas at the base of the Brooklyn Bridge for a sunset stroll. We enjoyed a Mr. Softee ice cream while waiting - nothing like a sprinkled cone to kick off the official start of summer! We called in our pizza orders at both Juliana's and Grimaldi's before walking the bridge and by the time we got there, our pizzas were ready. We picnicked in Brooklyn Bridge Park while overlooking Manhattan and watching the sun go down. I know people have strong opinions about these pizzas. After taste-tasting them both back to back, I gotta say I preferred Grimaldi's. This is such a New York outing for me.

We walked back and ended our night with dessert at the first Shake Shack in Madison Square Park. The Empire State Building was lit up in red, white, and blue. We just sat there on a bench talking for hours and I wished these friends lived here all the time. I love our conversations and watching them with their adorable kids. Hailey has always had a thing for Scott and I get the biggest kick out of watching them. We're so grateful for these good friends. Come back soon, Noordas!
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