Friday, March 10, 2017

Mesa in March 2014

I flew home on St. Patrick's Day with a box of Baked by Melissa cupcakes in hand. I knew it would be a heavy week and I was anxious to see my family, especially my mom. She had been at my grandma's side during her last few weeks. 

The highlights of home always include my long lost meals of In-N-Out, Zupas, and Orange Patch's freshly squeezed orange juice. I got to do dinner with Kate, Natalie, Kenz and Audrey and it was really the only time I saw friends that week. It did my heart a whole lotta good. 

My parents and I checked out the newly dedicated Gilbert, Arizona Temple. It's stunning. My parents had toured it for the open house a month prior and it was neat to hear more about it in person. 

Meet Duke. Is he a rat? A dog? A mix? It's hard to tell. Duke was one of my grandma's dogs that my mom and dad took in. The poor thing missed my grandma so much and didn't know what to do. Of course he took to Sweet Mendi Sue right away but Douglas on the other hand...not so much. We had some good laughs over their interactions during the week. 

I got to tour a few of the homes my dad was building in Prescott and Queen Creek at the time. We drove to Prescott one day just me and him. I cherish that one on one time. 

I laid out one day to get some sun on my transparent body and this happened to my phone. When in AZ...

It had been years since I was in Mesa in March and each spring I desperately miss the smell of orange blossoms. I came home right at their peak and they didn't disappoint. It's the scent of my childhood and always takes me back to little league games at the ballpark surrounded by citrus groves. I wish I could bottle that smell up and keep it year round. 

I got to spend so much time with family this trip honoring my grandma. I'll write more on her funeral service later. My last night in town I went on a bike ride through the neighborhood with my dad. The sunset was magic. And I couldn't help but think it was her gift to us. 

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