Friday, August 25, 2017

Little Moments - April 2014

I spent a few nightside shifts doing stories and live shots at UCONN-Stamford celebrating the Huskies' national championship wins in both men's and women's basketball. It was fun to be part of the action and made for some good live TV. Here's a few snippets from some of the live shots I saved.

Jennie and I threw Kenzi a surprise karaoke birthday party to celebrate the big 2-5! A great group of girls came and we sang our lil hearts out! Kenzi is such a dear friend to all and we loved celebrating her.

Walking home from the park one gorgeous night, the Plaza looked extra pretty. And I loved that our days were getting a little longer. 
Happiest 51st birthday to the dad who always turned our living room into a wrestling match or ball field. There were many broken vases because of the antics he would initiate. He has always been our number one fan and biggest supporter. Love you, Douglas, you young son of a gun. 
My friend, Brenda, invited me and a few others to join her on her Saturday morning run along the BMW. She named it that after the Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Williamsburg Bridges. It's a run I'd been wanting to do for awhile. I worked a nightside shift the night before and didn't get home til midnight so I was very tempted to back out. But man, those 8 miles felt good and the views were pretty incredible even if it was rainy. It was my first time running any bridge, let alone three. My post-run waddle was well worth it. 

View from the Manhattan Bridge

The Williamsburg Bridge
The farmers market at Union Square returns! 

A few more signs of spring along my day to day. Clearly, I couldn't help myself. April, you were busy but full of brightness. It was good to see you. 

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