Thursday, August 24, 2017

Little Moments - March 2014

The Walters came to visit for a week in March and we had so much fun hanging with them. Some of the highlights included dinners at Jacob's Pickles and The Meatball Shop. Those ice cream sandwiches tho.

A late Friday night at work. Jackie was filling in at the desk and I love any chance I get to work with her. I'm so grateful for strong women in this business who've been such incredible mentors to me.
A cold training run through Central Park. As you can see, the water had frozen over. Training for the NYC Half really got me out of hibernation when it would have been so easy to stay indoors. 
A stop at Georgetown Cupcake is always a good idea. I went with my go-to red velvet this time. 

This was the view from my train window as we rode past the site of the East Harlem explosion where two five-story buildings stood. Crews were still sifting through the rubble for missing people at this point. It was heartbreaking. I sent a phoner into work from Grand Central Terminal regarding the delays. Scott took a break from work to be my photographer. 

I hit up the Saint Patrick's Day Parade with a few friends. Bagpipes and kilts all over 5th Avenue. I love the sound of those bagpipes. It felt right to be close to Saint Patrick's Cathedral on a day like this. 
We discovered a yummy brunch spot - Penelope - not far from home. 
I caught sight of this dog-walking gang and got real excited. Gosh, I love New York. 
Shanna Farnsworth and Amanda Egan organized a book club one weeknight with Kelsey Nixon. Kelsey had just released her first cook book and she came to talk about the process and give us the inside scoop. She did a lot of the writing while commuting to the hospital when her oldest son was in the NICU. Her story and drive is so inspiring. I loved spending the evening listening to her with these wonderful ladies. We all attempted to make her dishes from the cook book and bring them that night. All of them turned out great, aside from my BYU mint-chocolate brownies. I'm 100% certain though that was all user error. 

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