Thursday, August 31, 2017

Our Interns Arrive

We deemed the summer of 2014 "The Summer of Siblings"! Tanner and Alexandra were in engaged and planning a wedding while interning in New York. On their first Saturday in the city, we got rush tickets to see Matilda and caught a matinee. It was my second time seeing it but Scott's first. It's so well done. The children performers blow my mind with their insane talent. Then, Connor came a few days later to start his internship and we walked to his office and found his route to work. Before he started, we spent an afternoon riding Citi Bikes on the Hudson River Park and getting gelato at Amorino in honor of Shelby. My heart was so full with excitement and love to have family so close for the summer. Especially when Scott works long hours, this was such a treat for me to have family to hang with. We loved showing them around, going to baseball games, and having them all over for Sunday dinners. It was certainly a sweet summer to remember!

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