Friday, August 25, 2017

Scott's 27th Birthday

Scott's Golden Birthday snuck up on us! He turned 27 on April 27th! This year it fell on a Sunday. He had to work that weekend but we tried to celebrate when we could. I made the trek to Party City to buy 27 gold balloons and fill each one with something I love about Scott Maddux. I made quite the scene hailing a cab with 27 balloons in hand. Our doormen had a good laugh at me and took a few pictures. When Scott got home he opened gifts, read cards, and popped those balloons. It was a nice, quiet celebration after a crazy week. We partied in Central Park with friends a few weeks later. We brought picnic blankets and treats and had a lot of fun catching up. I was just happy we could celebrate my main guy! Here's to the man who secretly listens to the "Frozen" soundtrack, who works the hardest with a smile on his face, who regretfully runs races with me, and who makes me want to be better each day! I love you, Scott Maddux. Happy Golden Birthday!

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