Friday, August 25, 2017

Spring in the City

The city of New York plants tulips in the flower beds all along Park Avenue to mark the coming of Spring. It's a sign of hope and renewal for me. After enduring a LONG, harsh winter you really feel like you've earned these pretty puppies. And they're sure to brighten any day. I would find myself coming up with excuses to pass Park just to get a glimpse of this colorful sight.

I always love capturing Central Park during each season. I did a lot of my training runs on the 10K loop so I got to see CP come alive after being covered in snow. The Lake thawed out and water returned to the famous fountains. New Yorkers really come out of the woodwork during those first few somewhat warm weekends.

Speedos and string bikinis in Sheep Meadow can only mean one thing - SPRING!

49th Street in all its spring-time glory. Those popcorn trees really come to life and make all of our walks home so cheery.

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