Thursday, August 24, 2017

Washington, D.C. Cherry Blossom Festival

This was a bucket list item for me for a long time. So when I saw the cherry blossoms were set to peak, I switched my reporting shift, hopped on a MegaBus to Washington, D.C., and stayed with our dear friends, the Noordas.  The 3,000 cherry trees that surround the Tidal Basin were a gift to the U.S. from Japan in 1912. Those beautiful blossoms are sure hard to catch. It's tough to plan a trip to see them too far in advance because each year the weather is different and affects when they peak. This year we had a cold winter so they hit peak a little later than usual. When they finally bloom, the crowds come out in full force and it's quite the tourist attraction. Makall was nice enough to brave the insane crowds with me and her two kids in tow. Hailey and I wore our matching floral pants to celebrate the "pink trees". She was so tickled that we matched. I'm convinced this was the ultimate way to ring in spring!
Slumber party shenanigans with my favorite girls! Every girl should wear a tiara to bed. This was after countless Anna and Elsa performances by Hailey. She was so hot on Frozen it was hilarious. 
We hit up Chick-fil-A and Cafe Rio on this visit as well. Makall was kind enough to indulge my cravings. It was also baby Jack's first birthday that weekend and Makall's 25th the next week. So we had plenty to celebrate! 
There is a very funny story behind this picture. I had just gotten off the escalator with Hailey and turned to take this photo of Makall pushing the stroller and crushing city living. She had just finished telling me that she did this "all the time", when the stroller got stuck at the end of the escalator and she fell back on her bum. We both lost it and I had a hard time helping her up while we were dying laughing. We both were hysterical. It was too good. Makall was a great sport and it made for a funny story. What I love about our friendship is it takes no time at all to pick up right where we left off. Her sense of humor just gets me and her smile lights up a room. Her grace, wisdom, and patience while parenting are all something I hope to replicate one day. 
The next day, I said goodbye to the Noordas and met my friend and old roommate from Mississippi who now lives in D.C. Anna showed me around her new town and we visited the Newseum. This has to be my favorite museum of all time. I loved all the quotes on the walls describing the importance of a free press and the huge role we as journalists play in writing history. I could have spent a week here.

The museum has quite the view of the Capitol. 

 And their "Anchorman' exhibit was a hoot. 

Anna and I biked around the blossoms one more time on our way to dinner in Arlington. It was a quick trip but I made the most of it with good friends. I was on a MegaBus back to the city in no time.


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